The opener is two days away

Published April 8, 2010

Rhinos - Rhinos Launch "Fifteen Days of Fun" D& Devo's Direct Kicks D& - Live Chat archive with Devo & Bob Lilley The Rhinos are getting their final preparations together before heading to Miami for Saturday night's season opener versus Miami FC. It looks like a bruised bone...

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Tino the Bambino

Published April 6, 2010

Rhinos Devo's Direct Kicks I got a chuckle out of the fact that Tino Nunez's wiki page was updated with his status as a member of the Rhinos before the club officially announced the signing today.  The Nunez signing gives the Rhinos 21 players under contract with the season opener in Mi...

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Double your pleasure

Published April 2, 2010

MLS Insider MLS Insider Pitch Invasion Grant Wahl @ Unprofessional Foul It will be interesting to see if the DP rumor mill goes nuts now that teams have 2 slots to play with and can acquire a third one! I'm sure that NY, LA, and perhaps even Seattle and Toronto will start getting linked w...

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Fear not

Published March 30, 2010

For those that were wondering, Kick This! will be on the air this Saturday as usual. It's nice to know that we were missed by at least a couple of people when The Pain Clinic took over for a two hour Wrestlemania episode. News & Notes: - The Rhinos have inked MF Jamie Franks, MF Alfonso Motagalvan...

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Weekend rewind

Published March 29, 2010

With MLS kicking off over the weekend, here is a Cliff's Notes version of stuff that happened. - Twitter is about the only place where you'd find info on the Rhino's 3-0 win over St. Bonaventure. - The Rhinos Twitter feed also says that they have signed 3 more players and an announcement will be...

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Closed for renovations

Published March 26, 2010

Since I was a slacker yesterday, today is going to be chock full of links: - The official match ball of the USSF 2nd Division has been unveiled on-line. - Rhinos has little Q&As with Darren Spicer and Anthony Hamilton up. - It looks like Vincenzo Bernardo is headed to a trial with an...

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Some quick hits before I have to run

Published March 23, 2010

- The Rhinos have signed Tyler Roselund bringing the total number of players under contract to 17. - WV Hooligan has a nice breakdown of a lot of the specifics around the new MLS CBA. - Here is some more good stuff from Ridge Mahoney on the new MLS CBA. - WV Hooligan is tracking all the player...

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Hot off the presses

Published March 22, 2010

Rhinos Valenti Sports The Rhinos had a solid Saturday on and off the field from all reports. First, they beat the visiting Montreal Impact 1-0 in a pre-season game. Given that Montreal has had a much longer pre-season, is undergoing much less change, and the fact that they were taking th...

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Today's Kick This! - Lilley, Ercoli, & Valenti

Published March 20, 2010

- Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley- Rhinos GM Pat Ercoli- Joe Valenti of Valenti Sports Tune in to 1280 AM or 107.3 FM at 11:05 AM and call in to 222-1280 to talk about the build up to the 2010 season Also, part two of the traditional Rhinos season ticket trivia contest is under way with weekly qualifie...

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They should have unveiled them on Wednesday!

Published March 19, 2010

Devo's Direct Kicks Rhinos Seriously, if they are going to unveil a green jersey for the 2010 season this week, why didn't they do it on Wednesday? Seriously though, the only real complaint I have is the plain Nothnagle box. Nothnagle has a nice logo and I think it would make for an eve...

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I'm tired

Published March 18, 2010

Loads of stuff is going on. But I really don't have the energy...... But here goes: - The Rhinos signed defender Troy Roberts. A veteran of the league with MLS experience. Hopefully it's just another piece to the puzzle. - The Rhinos dropped Tuesday's pre-season game versus UB by a 2-1 score line....

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Rhinos preseason opens & the Turk visits 6

Published March 15, 2010

Devo's Direct Kicks Memo to all trialists: You may not want Devo talking you up before tomorrow's game against UB or Saturday's tilt versus Montreal. Devo was looking forward to seeing former Vancouver midfielder Tyrell Burgess on Saturday and he said as much on Kick This! Then Tyrell is one of si...

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Schweitzer should have been #4!

Published March 11, 2010

USL Free Kicks Scott Schweitzer  is #7 on the list of the top 25 USL-1 players of the decade.  It would have been classic if he were #4 and Demmin ended up at #3. Other Rhinos tidbits: - Here is the place to get more info if you want to be an intern with the Rhinos in 2010. - The Rhinos are moving...

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The march to opening day begins

Published March 9, 2010

D& Rex's Facebook Page - Photos from Day 1 of Camp Devo and the Rhinos have some nice stuff up about the opening of Rhinos training camp. With the first cuts roughly a week and a half away and the uncertainty about MLS roster cut down day, it will be fun to watch Bob Lilley work as he puts the...

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The Rhinos are open for business

Published March 8, 2010

Devo's Direct Kicks Devo is all over the opening day of Rhinos training camp. Not only does he have some quick hits on some of the players, he also has an update on the state of the press box! It will be interesting to see how this team comes together. With so many changes from last season, you coul...

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Camp roster is out

Published March 5, 2010

Rhinos There aren't a bunch of big names on the list of trialists that the Rhinos announced this morning. And one name that some fans are already wondering why it's not there is former trialist Vincenzo Bernardo. Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley is scheduled to appear on tomorrow's edition of...

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Oh what a news day

Published March 4, 2010

Time is short, so here are some quick hits on the news of the past 48 hrs: - First off, congrats to Scott Vallow for being #10 in the top 25 players in the USL-1 for the decade of the 2000s.  - Steve Donner may be back running a USL soccer club soon. Check out Devo's take on the announcement that...

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Leave your message after the beep

Published March 2, 2010

If you didn't know, I'm a big hockey fan. And since tomorrow is "NHL Christmas" aka the NHL trade deadline, I may be pre-occupied tomorrow. So hopefully today's batch of internet link goodness can hold you over. Rhinos Devo's Direct Kicks Devo, Joe Guiliano, Andrew Battisti, Dave Cielinsk...

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MLS Cut Day

Published March 1, 2010

3rd Today is MLS roster cut down day. So, it will be interesting to see what players are available tomorrow that Bob Lilley and the Rhinos will be interested in at least bringing into camp next week. When Coach Lilley was on Saturday's edition of Kick This!, he seemed pleased with where t...

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I'm liking the new threads

Published February 26, 2010

USMNT Blog - New away kits to debut against the Netherlands US Soccer Store - New away jerseys on sale now Inside Minnesota Soccer Dirty Tackle I know I should be more interested in how the 20 players that Bob Bradley has called up for the match versus the Netherlands. But, I'm really psyched to...

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Too busy watching curling to post anything

Published February 25, 2010

My couch has a permanent imprint of my backside as I've been too busy watching Olympic curling to do much of anything. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So, what has happened in the last 6 days? Boatloads. Rhinos stuff Having new Rhinos assistant coach in-studio for Saturday's show was both...

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Gooch is back training

Published February 19, 2010

The Original Winger US via YouTube The USMNT has some good news on the injury front a day after there was some optimistic news from Charlie Davies. Today defender Oguchi Onyewu took part in some light drills at USMNT camp. Gooch is coming back from a knee injury suffered back in October...

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Rhinos have 10 players now

Published February 18, 2010

Devo's Direct Kicks Rhinos The Rhinos have 10 players under contract for 2010 with yesterday's announcement Isaac Kissi and Anthony Hamilton and today's news that former Charleston Battery MF Darren Spicer has joined the Rhinos. The funny part is the theme that a lot of the new Rhinos ha...

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Ross Smith lands in Portland

Published February 16, 2010

Portland Ross Smith might go down as the most popular Rhino player ever to suit up for less than 20 league games for the club. Ross obviously has MLS aspirations as he would have signed with the Colorado Rapids if a physical hadn't uncovered his heart problem. So it is of little surprise...

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Slow news day

Published February 15, 2010

It's a slow news day. But, I hope that things heat up as the Rhinos have another combine starting tomorrow. I'm also hoping that the Rhinos can get Isaac Kissi signed this week after Bob Lilley said that he plays like Mac Kandji on Saturday's edition of Kick This! News & Notes: - Ives Galarcep ma...

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3 in and 2 out

Published February 12, 2010

Rhinos Inside Minnesota Colorado The Rhinos announced the signings of defender Adam West , goalkeeper Neal Kitson , and forward/midfielder Carlos Aguilar. That gives the Rhinos 7 players on the roster for the 2010 season along with Goalkeeper Scott Vallow, Defende...

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Frankie is back

Published February 11, 2010

Rhinos Defender Frankie Sanfilippo is returning to Rochester for his second tour of duty with the Rhinos. Frankie first joined the Rhinos in 2005 following Laurie Calloway over from the Syracuse Salty Dogs where Sanfilippo began his pro career. After leaving Rochester, Frankie moved on to...

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Ty Harden moves north of the border

Published February 10, 2010 Another day, another player that suited up for the Rhinos on loan in 2009 is on the move. This time it's Ty Harden moving from the Colorado Rapids to Toronto FC in exchange for a 3rd round pick in the 2011 SuperDraft. In other player news, Austin has re-signed Jamie Watson and Kevin Saku...

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Looking at the schedule

Published February 9, 2010

Rhinos With a day to look at the schedule and a calendarized version that includes things like the USOC dates, the schedule looks pretty good. The usual opening road trip is down to four games this season (at Miami, Portland, Austin, and Minnesota). There are fewer two games in three nigh...

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