CurlingMy couch has a permanent imprint of my backside as I've been too busy watching Olympic curling to do much of anything.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, what has happened in the last 6 days?


Rhinos stuff

Having new Rhinos assistant coach in-studio for Saturday's show was both fun and enlightening for me.

It was cool to hear that Bill is already jumping on the community work side of things. But what intrigued me even more was the talk that the team has only signed players that head coach Bob Lilley has seen play. Whether it has been at the various combines (MLS, USL, Rhinos, etc.) or in league action, all 13 players that the team has signed have been scouted by this staff.

It wasn't something that I thought about, but it does seem like a lot of teams, and the past Rhinos regime, would sign guys off of resumes, Youtube highlight clips, references from players or coaches, or a variety of other ways that do not include simply scouting the player.

The fact that they are building this team the way that they are gives me an even greater comfort level with the direction things are headed with Pat Ercoli, Bob Lilley, and Bill Sedgewick in charge.

And I did say 13 players under contract. Devo has the dish on the three newest Rhinos. And definitely click on the video of Rich Costanzo's goal for Minnesota against the Rhinos.

Last, but not least, Scott Vallow is getting honored by Camp Good Days and Special Times.

Landon Donovan at Everton

Landon is such a fan favorite that Everton Supporters are going to Facebook to mount a campaign to keep him.

Everton Manager David Moyes reportedly is offering around $10.5 million for Donovan.

Lars Lowther at MLS Talk wants Landon to stay over there.

Landon himself hopes to return to Everton in the future.

I know that Everton is unlikely to match the asking price that LA & MLS will have for Donovan. But, I wish there was a way that he could stay there at least through the end of the EPL season.

MLS CBA Situation

Soccer Insider


WV Hooligan

Soccer America

US Soccer Daily

Soccer Insider

This is a real head scratcher for me.

Would some sort of free agency for veteran MLS players really blow things up if the salary cap remains relatively flat? 

Would things really blow up if the minimum salary for the low end players were raised to a real livable wage and not the current jokes of salaries for professional athletes that are under contract for 12 months a year?

I also think it's a joke if people think that the players can ultimately win this thing. The billionaire owners definitely have the deep pockets to outwait the players.

I just hope this gets worked out and doesn't affect things like the USMNT's preparations for the World Cup.

USSF Division 2 signings

Adin Brown to Portland

Luke Kreamalmayer to AC St Louis

Baltimore signs GKs Chase Harrison & Evan Bush

Andriy Budnyy re-signs with Carolina

Marco Velez re-signs with Puerto Rico

Austin re-signs Johnson & Bernard

Kyle Veris to Miami FC

Etienne Barbara to Carolina

News & Notes:

- I should have turned on the US-El Salvador game sooner last night. The US was down 1-0 when I turned it on and they ended up winning 2-1. Gotta love the game winner from Sacha Klejstan and his stache.

- Someone at the US Soccer Federation needs to get something more important to worry about than slapping the wrists of the NASL & USL.

- I am in love with the new look USMNT kits , the new Portland Timbers shirts are ho hum, and the new Tampa Bay kits make me want to laugh.

- See, soccer clubs going bankrupt happens in the EPL, too!

- I wonder if Scott Vallow will be rocking these boots this season?

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