On April 12th, the Major Arena Soccer League helped announce the launch of SoccerSam's Soccer Stimulus Support. 

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SoccerSam’s Soccer Stimulus Support can financially assist families in need to help pay for soccer clubs or camps. Parents or players can email their story to for consideration. If chosen, details will be communicated to the family, and if the child makes the team, SoccerSam will help pay for their tuition.

“We want to help kids throughout the country with scholarships to play for elite clubs to help them get to the next level” said SoccerSam. 

The goal of this program is to not let financial hardship deter soccer development. Applicants 15 & Under will be equally considered for financial support. 

SoccerSam reminds everyone to: "Feel the Kick, For Life!"

MASL League Insider Interview with Filly: