TBDevo's Direct Kicks

Memo to all trialists: You may not want Devo talking you up before tomorrow's game against UB or Saturday's tilt versus Montreal.

Devo was looking forward to seeing former Vancouver midfielder Tyrell Burgess on Saturday and he said as much on Kick This!

Then Tyrell is one of six trialists that the Rhinos released on Saturday. The other five were Jamal Smith, Tim Karalexis, Scott Waddell, Brandon Swatzendruber, and Nick Perera.

Andrew Hoxie netted both goals for the Rhinos, so I would expect him to stick around for a little while longer.

Other trialist news: former Rhino defender T-Bone Bonseu is in camp and the Rhinos officially acknowledged that former Bishop Kearney striker Kamil Witkowski is coming into camp.

No word yet on whether Vincenzo Bernardo is coming back to Rochester. Although this tweet sounds like it might be happening...... Maybe......

News & Notes:

- It looks like there will be free webcasts of 2nd Division soccer in 2010.

- Grant Wahl talks about the David Beckham achilles injury that will likely wipe out the rest of his 2010 campaign.

- Montreal hopes to get their MLS expansion slot announced soon.

- Miami has a shot at getting another chance in MLS? I hoep St. Louis gets their first shot before Miami gets a second.

- Alex Nimo is getting loaned to Portland from Real Salt Lake for the 2nd season in a row.

- Buzz Carrick breaks down why a strike by MLS players is a bad idea and some Crew players look at what they would do if they weren't pro soccer players.

- With Landon Donovan's loan to Everton ending , here are some reason why a strike might not mean that he could head back to Everton.

- Clint Dempsey is back playing for Fulham. Hopefully he can get back on form before the World Cup.

- Steve Davis is unhappy with the "Worldwide Leader" and I can't blame him for wanting more American voices for World Cup coverage.

- MLS Insider has a sneak peak at the new MLSSoccer.com website that is coming soon.

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