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I know I should be more interested in how the 20 players that Bob Bradley has called up for the match versus the Netherlands. But, I'm really psyched to see what the new kits look like.

And they better not mess with me on the leaked red 3rd jersey. I want to be able to replace my really old red USMNT jersey and the pictures I've seen of the potential new ones look great.

News & Notes:

- Abby 2 - Norway 1

The USWNT have new kits and they look nice, too.

Devo has the news of a couple more Rhinos signings. That puts the roster size at 15 with the club hoping to have around 18 players signed before entering training camp with 4 to 6 more contracts up for grabs at that point.

- No MLS strike. No MLS lockout. No new MLS CBA.......

- A strike or lockout may not kill MLS. But, it won't be a good thing for the short term health of the league and certainly won't help the USMNT as it prepares for the 2010 World Cup. 

- Speaking of preparing for the World Cup, I am getting a huge laugh at this story about England's base camp issues in South Africa.

- What's wrong with soccer blogs? I like the idea, but I think it will be tough to pull off in the current landscape of the economy, technology, and a whole host of other factors.

- Stuart Holden has made his Bolton debut.

- Ever wonder what an MLS equipment manager does?

- This is an interesting take on Vancouver's top dog for their residency program taking a walk.

- Former Minnesota Thunder GK Nic Platter is selling some old Thunder gear to help out Grassroots Soccer.

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