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Seriously, if they are going to unveil a green jersey for the 2010 season this week, why didn't they do it on Wednesday?

Seriously though, the only real complaint I have is the plain Nothnagle box.

Nothnagle has a nice logo and I think it would make for an even classier look if they had the real logo on the front of the shirt.

News & Notes:

- Just a programming reminder: Montreal @ Rochester tomorrow at noon at Marina Autos Stadium.

- While I hate Montreal, I can't hate on Mauro Biello (even if he only played here in 1999) who comes in at #5 on the top 25 USL-1 players of the past decade.

- Clint Dempsey wrote another chapter in his legacy at Fulham yesterday with a sweet chip to the back post versus Juventus.

- The Red Bulls players talk about their new home.

- Steven Goff gives the tale of the tape on the MLS CBA showdown set for this weekend in DC.

- I love Fake Sigi's posts in light of the CBA showdown. Funny stuff.

- I'm disappointed that the Rhinos won't be an opponent of one of the Portland games that will be on FSN. 

- Miami FC has signed Abe Thompson.

- NSC Minnesota has unveiled their uniforms.

- Charlie Davies will be back training with Souchaux on Monday!

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