SSUSL Free Kicks

Scott Schweitzer  is #7 on the list of the top 25 USL-1 players of the decade. 

It would have been classic if he were #4 and Demmin ended up at #3.

Other Rhinos tidbits:

- Here is the place to get more info if you want to be an intern with the Rhinos in 2010.

- The Rhinos are moving back to the AM dial this season with ESPN Radio 950 AM being the radio home of the Rhinos this season. Hopefully the reception I get for the post game show on my way home is better this year!

- There is talk at the Rhinos Zone that Bishop Kearney's Kamil Witkowski will be showing up at Rhinos camp soon. If he can put the ball in the net like he did in high school, they better sign him!

- This is great thing that the Rhinos are doing.

- Devo has his take on why the rebuilding of the Rhinos makes sense (or cents).

News & Notes:

- One more reason for me to hate the NY Red Bulls: They just signed Greg Sutton.

- This is a very interesting take on putting an MLS team in Greenwich Village.

- Tim Holt of the USL did a Q&A at Inside Minnesota

- And people complain about poor attendance at US Open Cup matches. Why do Cup competitions tend to draw poorly here in the US?

- Yanks Abroad & Grant Wahl both do their latest 23 tickets articles.

- And finally, why do I think that the MLS owners aren't worried that they players may strike ? Maybe it's because I doubt that the players have a huge strike fund to survive missing pay checks.

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