TiredLoads of stuff is going on. But I really don't have the energy......

But here goes:

- The Rhinos signed defender Troy Roberts. A veteran of the league with MLS experience. Hopefully it's just another piece to the puzzle.

- The Rhinos dropped Tuesday's pre-season game versus UB by a 2-1 score line. Meh. I'll be worried if they are losing to the likes of Minnesota mid-season.

- The Rhinos are holding an Easter Egg Hunt at noon on Saturday March 27th.

- NSC Minnesota is set to open up camp with 35 players (12 signed and 23 trialists).

- I hate Montreal and I hate Greg Sutton.

- Speaking of Montreal, is their newest sponsor a prelude to the Impact moving to MLS?

- FC Dallas has loaned GK Josh Lambo to Tampa Bay.

- Landon Donovan gave himself high grades for his stint with Everton and now he's back with the Galaxy.

- ESPN's MLS Final Kick has their season preview edition up.

- Microsoft has an MLS app for it's upcoming Windows 7 phone.

- There is some good news on the stadium front in San Jose.

- DC United has waived Danny Szetela.

- So much for the Freddy Adu World Cup buzz, huh? Today's hot new name: Herculez Gomez!

- And then there is the case of Jermaine Jones.......

- The USMNT will play Australia a week prior to the World Cup opening up in South Africa.

- Gotta love this crazy rumor of the day: P Diddy to purchase Crystal Palace.

And finally, the 800 lb gorilla aka the state of the MLS CBA:

- Tim Leiweke in LA, Joe Roth in Seattle, and Lew Wolff in San Jose have all spoken out recently on the topic of what the players want and the threatened strike.

- Steve Davis' first piece at SI.com is about what effect a strike would have on the health of the league. Honestly, I doubt it would have a huge effect. But, the only effect that it is likely to have is negative. The onyl question is how bad would it be?

- Here is an interesting take about why MLS owners are drawing a hard line on the free agency topic. It makes a lot of sense to me.

- The players are set to have more meeting this week in Washington. And it could be because they plan to strike on Monday.

- Here is an interesting debate: are the players entitled to a cut of revenue streams such as SUM and expansion fees?

- And finally, former Chicago Fire GM Peter Wilt has posted his proposed solution to the stalemate at Pitch Invasion.

Personally, I don't see how the players will "win" this one. They have much more to lose than the owners do. I doubt too many MLS owners will have a hard time paying their bills if the players strike. The players on the other hand.....

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