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It will be interesting to see if the DP rumor mill goes nuts now that teams have 2 slots to play with and can acquire a third one!

I'm sure that NY, LA, and perhaps even Seattle and Toronto will start getting linked with players looking to come to MLS for a change of scenery.

What remains to be seen is if these MLS teams acquire players that are good fits or if we get more players that just suck some paychecks out of teams that are lured in by big names and reputations.

News & Notes:

- Gabe Gervais comes in at #1 of the top 25 USL-1 players of the past decade. 14 of the top 25 suited up for the Rhinos at one time or another. Although, I would only put Vallow and Schweitzer as players that are on the list largely because of what they did for Rochester.

- The Rhinos defeated Colgate 4-0 in their last official pre-season match on Wednesday. Tomorrow they face Toronto FC in a closed door scrimmage.

- Devo has some strong words from the Rhinos about the direction the team is headed currently.

- Speaking of an MLS DP, Luciano Emilio may be resurfacing in Vancouver. 

- MLS to Miami talk again? Too bad this wasn't a bad April Fools joke.

- Of course Abby Wambach scored the lone goal for the US in a snowy game versus Mexico in Salt Lake City. She probably was having flashbacks to the weather during the state playoffs in high school!

- I'm not sure who is getting beat up more recently - MLS for the poor launch quality of the new league website (Exhibt A & Exhibit B ) or FC Dallas after their poor opening night attendance (Exhibit C , Exhibit D , Exhibit E, and Exhibit F )

- And when Kick This! returns tomorrow, we are expecting to talk to Darren Spicer, Bob Lilley, and Ryan Heins as they travel to Toronto.

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