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DC United beat writer Steven Goff is also one of the better insiders when it comes to MLS and US Soccer. In his blog at the Washington Post's website, Steven is reporting that French all-time great midfielder Zinedine Zidane was in talks with the Chicago Fire recently. But, they fell apart when Zizou, a three time FIFA World Player of the Year, requested a contract that would pay him $15 million per season.

Apparently AEG didn't feel that Zidane was worth that kind of money to the Fire. It's a shame that a deal didn't get done, but I would be wary of giving that much money to Zidane unless the deal were structured like Beckham's deal with LA is where the base salary is a fraction of the potential total and the rest is earned depending on how much interest Zidane were to generate.

Seattle loses Galindo to Chivas USA


For the second offseason in a row, the Seattle Sounders have lost a starter to Chivas USA. Last year it was starting goalkeeper Preston Burpo and this year it is Cuban forward Mykael Galindo. The ironic thing is that Galindo missed a large chunk of the 2006 season after suffering a broken nose and fractured orbital bone after crashing into Burpo in a preseason game between the Sounders and Chivas USA on May 7th of last year.

This marks the second key forward that Seattle has lost this offseason. Last year's rookie sensation Cam Weaver made the jump to Europe a few months ago. It's going to interesting to see how the Sounders bounce back from another big personnel loss up top.

US going after 2014 or 2018 World Cup?

Steven Goff - Soccer Insider - Washington

Another interesting tidbit from Steven Goff's blog.

The US was able to cherry pick a Women's World Cup when the SARS epidemic cost China the 2003 WWC. And now there is talk that the US might try and take over for Brazil in 2014 or land their own World Cup in 2018. 20 years between hosting World Cups seems about right for a country that may not have the soccer tradition that many other countries do, but nevertheless is always a great host to a huge event such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

Hanging with D-Wade at the Super Bowl

Center Circle - US

That must be real tough..................

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