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Apparently there is an ESPN the Magazine cover jinx now with Giuseppe Rossi being left off Italy's World Cup squad.

The firestorm that has been set off by this news involving one of the most polarizing figures in US soccer circles has been funny, sad, and very interesting.

Personally, I don't feel bad for Rossi as this was a probably outcome when he spurned the US Men's National Team to represent Italy.

But, I won't go so far as to call him a traitor or a Judas.

The worst thing that Rossi is guilty of is poor judgement. But, since the impetus for his decision was to make his dad happy, it's hard to be too critical of the decision.

I just think taking part in the ESPN the Magazine interview and saying that he feels like an American everywhere but on a soccer pitch was taking it a bit too far.

Now it will be interesting to see if he makes the 2014 Italy squad.

News & Notes:

- It looks like Steve Nash & John O'Brien will be covering the World Cup.

- The USA 10 Kit & US Soccer Daily are already wondering if Robbie Findley should start in the World Cup. The Jose Torres hype is hot too with the video of all his touches versus Turkey up on Youtube.

- Michael Bradley made Dirty Tackle's list of Top 10 Tough Guys at the World Cup. 

- The USMNT talks about the game ball controversy.

- Grant Wahl looks at what Bob Bradley's Post-World Cup future might hold & a Q&A with Jurgen Klinsmann.

- It is interesting to see some of the strife that some other teams are dealing with.

- has the new afterword from the paperback edition of The Beckham Experiment.

- Is the Columbus Crew in trouple with HSG looking to add a minority investor?

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