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I could complain about the fact that the closest venue to watch tomorrow night's game is in Albany.

But, Grant Wahl and Steven Goff did a better job than I'd ever do pointing out the fact that this is a situation that FIFA needs to look at moving forward.

On the field, it will be a very interesting match up. The US was far from dominant in defeating Honduras 2-0 at RFK  in early July. There have been some changes in both squads, but this may be another "point on the road" situation for the US who only has the one road win in this road of qualifying.

Although, Bob Bradley did go with somewhat of a B Squad with Freddy Adu starting and Santino Quaranta scoring one of the US goals.

So, even despite the Clint Dempsey injury, perhaps the US can gut out a win to punch their ticket to South Africa tomorrow night.

I'll most likely read about it on Sunday morning.

News & Notes:

- It looks like John Ball and Scott Vallow will be our guests tomorrow as the Rhinos vets will talk about the 2009 season and the fact that neither the GM nor head coach will be back in 2010.

- The Triangle Offense blogPitch Invasion , and News all have reports on what is going with the USL vs TOA situation including the news that the USL, TOA, MLS, and US Soccer officials had a get together to try and hash things out earlier this week.

- US Soccer Daily and both have reports on Jermaine Jones' ongoing injury issues. This is not good.

- Pitch Invasion had an unplanned point-counterpoint with Peter Wilt wishing the Chicago Fire a happy 10th birthday and Tom Dunmore of Section 8 writing an open letter to the Fire's ownership about ongoing issues.

- Puerto Rico's Cristian Arrieta and Portland's Mandjou Keita are the lone finalists for the USL 1st Division Player of the Year award.

- Austin's owner is as rich as Rio Ferdinand.

- This may be the wildest stadium design EVER.

- Does artificial turf equal an unfair and unsporting advantage?

- MLS Talk  and have pieces on Don Garber singing the praises of the single entity system. I know the Promotion-Relegation folks don't want to hear it, though.

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