scheudleRhinos owner Rob Clark gave a sneak preview of what the Rhinos 2010 schedule will look like.

Here is the entire USSF 2nd Division schedule in PDF Format.

The Rhinos will have a four game road trip to open the season ahead of the May 1st home opener versus Carolina.

The one thing that jumps out to me is that the playoffs will start on October 4th. That is roughly three weeks sooner than the MLS playoffs and about a week and a half later than the 2009 USL-1 playoffs started.

I hope they have lots of coffee and hot chocolate on hand for the home opener and playoffs.

Top 20 list of most memorable Rhinos matches 

Without further ado, here is the list of the top 20 most memorable Rhinos matches that fans will get to vote on to come up with the top 15.


May 10                 1996       Fauver Stadium                 Rochester vs. NY Fever                 1-1 (1st game in team history)    

July 12                   1996       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Montreal                 3-2 (1st game at Frontier Field)

September 7      1996       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Tampa Bay              4-3 (USOC)

September 25   1996       Claude Robillard               Rochester vs. Montreal                 2-1 (Playoff Win in Montreal)

October 12          1996       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Colorado                 3-0 (USOC Semifinal)

September 23   1998       Frontier Field                   Rochester vs. Montreal                 4-1 (Largest playoff win vs Montreal)                    

October 17         1998       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Minnesota              3-1 (Rhinos first championship)

June 20                 1999       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. NY Freedoms        2-1 OT (USOC)

July 14                   1999       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Chicago                    1-0 (USOC)

August 11            1999       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Dallas                        2-1 OT (USOC Quarterfinal)

September 1      1999       VB Sports Complex         Rochester vs. Columbus                               3-2 (USOC Semifinal)

September 14   1999       Crew Stadium                    Rochester vs. Colorado                 2-0 (Rhinos win USOC)

September 20   2000       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Minnesota              3-1 (Rhinos win second league title)

October 13          2001       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. Hershey                   2-0 (Rhinos win third league title)

July 17                   2002       Webster Schroeder        Rochester vs. Kansas City             3-2 (USOC)

June 23                 2003       Frontier Field                     Rochester vs. DC United          0-2 (Friendly in front of 14,426 people)

July 20                   2004       Lusitano Stadium             Rochester vs. New England         1-1 (USOC - Rhinos win on PK's)

July 14                   2006       PAETEC Park                Rochester vs. Miami    5-4 (Ricky Lewis header wins it in stoppage time)

July 27                   2008       Saputo Stadium            Rochester vs. Montreal          2-0 (Rhinos ends losing streak in Montreal)

September 3      2009       P&G Stadium                     Rochester vs. Portland               2-1 (Rhinos end Timbers streak)

The first 12 to 15 were pretty easy to come up with. It was the last 5 to 8 that took some time.

And like with any list like this there will be games that were missed. I just can't wait to see how some of the games that were hotly debated do when the fan voting is over with.

News & Notes:

- The new franchise in Minnesota has a name and a logo now.

- Tampa Bay has signed D Julian Valentin who spent the bulk of 2009 on loan from the LA Galaxy to the Cleveland City Stars.

- Carolina has re-signed forward Gregory Richardson who they picked up mid-way through the 2009 season after he was let go by the Colorado Rapids.

- Chris Pontius has re-signed with DC United after being a 2009 MLS Rookie of the Year candidate.

- Jesse Marsch has retired to take a job as Bob Bradley's assistant with the USMNT. That leaves Jaime Moreno as the lone '96er left on an MLS roster.

- The potential future home of Crystal Palace Baltimore looks nice.

- Is that even a question?  How can the LA Sol folding be seen as anything but a sign of bad things to come for WPS?

- Ives Galarcep is moving to Fox

- Jozy Altidore scored his first premiership goal over the weekend.

- Nobody wrote in Soccer Sam for this? What is the world coming to? Seriosuly though, John Harkes may not have been captain for life, but it appears that Sunil Gulati is president for life of US Soccer and I'm not sure how good of a thing that is.

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