I hate the headline, but like the news that the City of Rochester appears willing to kick in some $420,000 for up keep of Your Name Here Stadium.

Sure, the five pages of comments are primarily negative as people wonder why the City would be putting money into the stadium that houses a team that admits that it lost close to $2 million. But, that is to be expected as every public capital investment like this gets blasted by most tax payers.

I am encouraged by the City stepping up in light of the fact that they did not deliver the suites that they were contractually obligated to have built by this year's home opener.

Good news on the field and off. No wonder I got hardly any calls last Saturday. Nobody wants to call when the news is good!

News & Notes:

- Toronto and Montreal will play tonight in the Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

- I like this offer to get Barca to play Toronto FC. Does I hear $12 US for them to play the Rhinos?

- Seattle is going to expand seating at Qwest Field by 4000. This is awesome.

- Here is a first hand account of the Philadelphia Union announcement. And ESPN the Magazine gives the Union crest a thumbs up.

- The Oregonian is stumping hard against the current stadium plan. There is also a nice little counterpoint article up now as well.

- Atlante held on to defeat Cruz Azul in the CONCACAF Champions League Final.

- Here is something I never thought about before: Could Mac Kandji play for the USMNT?

- US Soccer will play Canada in Toronto on May 25th to help make up for the Japan cancellation. Although, now you are starting to get the old club vs country debates......

- Will the Bald Yank look to leave Reading?

- It looks like Miami FC's Cuban signings have finally gotten the OK to play from US Soccer.And in the next breath, they may be losing Facundo Erpen....

- Start the "Becks needs to teach a lot of MLS wingers how to cross" jokes now.

- On the heels of my rant the other day about young American players needing to play pick up soccer to develop their skills comes this video from the FC Dallas Academy. Nice!

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