Who needs to bounce back more tomorrow: the Rhinos versus Minnesota or the US versus Honduras?

The easy answer is to go with the US as the stakes are much higher. Add injuries to a lot of key US players like Maurice Edu, Brian Ching, and others, the case is tough to top.

But, the Rhinos will be missing Chris Nurse, who knows if Danny Earls is healthy, and the team does have the card accumlation issue to deal with. The good news is that Tai Atieno will be available after the USL reduced his red card suspension from four games to one.

Needless to say, I'll be hoping that both squads can bring home three points tomorrow evening.

News & Notes:

- Devo has an article about the status of the luxury suites at Marina Auto Stadium. With MAS replacing PTP as the three letter acronym, I can't wait for the NO MAS jokes to start.

- Devo and Johnny Menyongar chatted at the D&C.com today. 

- The Rhinos will host the next round of the Open Cup against Cleveland (USL-1) or the St. Louis Lions (PDL) on June 16th if they get past Pittsburgh (USL-2) on Tuesday.

- The cheapest season ticket at Red Bull Arena next year will be $272. I wonder how many Rhino fans would love that kind of price hike if the team made the jump?

- The USSF calls out MLS refs again and Soucie on Soccer wants a Twitterthon for better officiating. You gotta love it!

- Peter Nowak is already rubbing elbows with Philly supporters. 

- Last year it was Montreal and it looks like this year it will be Vancouver getting past Toronto FC into the CCL.

- Can Ahhhhhhnold deliver the US a World Cup? I can't wait for "The World Cup will be baaaack" ads!

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