Andrea Canales has a breakdown of why Landon Donovan to Everton makes sense, it has me wondering which will come first: Landon to Everton or US Soccer settles the NASL vs USL tug of war?

Donovan landing with Everton (or his transfer status being finalized) has to be the easy choice, right?

I mean, would Bob Bradley really nix a loan move to the EPL for Landon? I can't see that happening.

News & Notes:

- I hope Don Garber doesn't get this job for MLS's sake.

- US v Honduras on January 23rd is official.

- DC United has bought Tiyi Shipalane from the Harrisburg City Islanders . I thought the talent in USL-2 was subpar?

- This coming out piece about a new US Soccer fan is funny.

- Will MLS show Stuart Holden the money? If I were Stuart, I would make sure that I controlled any potential move to Europe should he blow up in the World Cup and some bigger European clubs come calling.

- Wal Mart is the official discount retailer for World Cup gear. That may be bigger than Beckham in LA. Seriously.

- They still have yet to break ground on the new Wizards stadium.

- This PDL keeper has a pretty decent resume. It's not as good as a certain German forward who has played in PDL games under an alias, but it's pretty good.

- The Glazer Family says that Manchester United is not for sale.

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