John Terry can blame the wet turf at Luzhniki Stadiumfor his slip and miss on the PK that would have given Chelsea a 5-4 win on PKs.

Didier Drogba on the other hand has no one to blame but himself for the braincramp swat he took at Nemanja Vidic.

Who knows if having Drogba available for the PKs would have made a bit of difference, but it certainly didn't help Chelsea's cause.

But, the most important news following the Champions League final is captured by the Daily Mail: how Beckham spent last evening, of course!

And I know that Ronaldo has been the best player during the 2007-2008 European Club season, but he has to dump the stutter step PK thing.

News & Notes:

- Rhinos has a small piece about the Rhinos Women opening their 20089 campaign at home on Saturday night versus Western Mass. We hope to have forward Gretchen Miller on Kick This! this week to talk about this year's squad.

- In a game that counted, Toronto FC defeated DC United 1-0 at home last evening. Also taking place last night was a scoreless friendly between the Chicago Fire and Wisla Krakow . Between the two matches, over 33,000 fans passed through MLS turnstiles on a Thursday night. Not bad at all.

- There are two MLS rumors du jour - Chicago and Columbus fighting over Brian McBride and LA and Seattle fighting over Thierry Henry. For some reason, I'm expecting McBride to play in an MLS match before Henry.

- Tonight's MLS Game of the Week on ESPN2 will have an interesting slant to it - The former San Jose Earthquakes (aka the Houston Dynamo) will take on the new San Jose Earthquakes. There is also good news on the San Jose stadium front.

- Chris Pozniak has landed in the USL once again. This time it's with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

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