White SmokeWho knows if today will really be the day that we find out if we have a new owner of the Rhinos?

I've been told, from multiple sources, that this afternoon should provide us with an answer, one way or the other.

Ryan Whirty is saying that the Rhinos should cancel the 2008 season regardless of what the answer is today.

I would be surprised if the issues that Ryan focused on (getting players, coaches, and management) lined up will be the barrier to having a successful 2008 Rhinos season. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the Rhinos have plenty of unannounced player signings, just like Atlanta had when they announced that Josh Bolton had signed a few weeks ago when the deal was done months ago.

I think the major barrier to having a successful 2008 season will be off the field issues with regards to getting season tickets sold, getting a more robust marketing plan up and running, and things like that.

Personally, I don't want to see the team go away for a whole season. And in my opinion, I think that taking a year off will set the franchise's rebirth back more than year. But, that is a topic that could lead to a very healthy debate with great points on both sides.

News & Notes:

- Philly.com has an article about how MLS and their new Chester, PA franchise are thinking globally.

- US Soccer.com has Algarve Cup articles on Lori Chalupny, Christie Rampone's Life as a Captain, and venue changes for US matches.

- The Red Bulls must be loving MLS' Discovery Player rules right about now.

- Carlos Mendes is looking good at right back in the Red Bulls' three man back line.

- Apparently Clint Mathis is having fun in Greece.

- And it looks like the German Second Division pays more than MLS. Let me guess, Kenney Bertz is making more in Germany than he was here!

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