If you click on the above link and listen to the 30 second interview, new USL CEO Alec Papadakis states that talks have ceased between the TOA and the USL.

He also sounds like Vancouver and Montreal won't be back.

Who knows if this is just a negotiating tactic or not. But, if the USL loses all of the TOA teams, it's going to be very interesting to see what the USL looks like in 2010.

News & Notes:

- Vancouver Whitecaps assistant coach Todd Wawrousek is leaving the club. I wonder if an assistant from a team that has a runner up and USL-1 championship the past two seasons would be ready to take over the Rhinos?

- Richmond Kickers head coach Leigh Cowlishaw is headed to the USL Hall of Fame. 

- Charleston has their own press release on Mark Watson helping fill Paul Mariner's shoes in New England. 

- asks the question of who will be the next MLS coach to be let go.

- Frank Giase at thinks that Richie Williams should get a real shot at the full time job with the Red Bulls.

- The Kansas City Star has a look at the Wizards head coaching situation.

- Ridge Mahoney at takes a look at why 4 teams missed on a chance to seal a playoff spot on MLS's final weekend.

- has a player from each MLS playoff team say why their team will win it all. Apparently Bobby Boswell has a bromance going with Pat Onstad.........

- Yanks Abroad looks at Honduras's love affair with Jonathon Bornstein and US has the Behind the Scenes from US-Honduras up.

- Could their be a player's strike in MLS's future?

- Jack Bell has a Q&A with Sunil Gulati about the US qualifying for the World Cup.

- Here is an interesting take on the heels of Don Garber's appearance on Fox Football Fone-in on Monday night.I am a little less than 1/2 of the way through the show andhave yet to get to the Garber interview....

- Juan Pablo Angel hopes that NY signs Thierry Henry and is loving the grass surface at Red Bull Arena.

- You have to read this cartoon about Real Madrid crashing out of their Cup competition by a 4-0 scoreline to a 3rd division club. Just awesome....

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