In a move that some fans over at USL have been clamoring for for years now, the USL will broadcast matches live via the web starting in 2007. This will certainly allow fans to more easily watch their team on the road, along with relocated fans to get reacquainted with the clubs that they have to love from afar.

It will be interesting to see how big this revenue stream will be for the league and whether there is squabbling over the money should the buys for certain clubs be significantly larger than those of others.

Wambach headed to Portugal with the USWNT


USWNT head coach Greg Ryan has named his 20 player squad for the 2007 Algarve Cup and Rochester native Abby Wambach was named to the squad. Also of note, midfielder Shannon Boxx was named to her first US squad since coming back from a knee injury suffered in May of 2006.

Real Salt Lake solves their goalkeeping quandry by re-acquiring Nick Rimando

Big Apple

Two weeks ago Real Salt Lake felt like they had too many goalkeepers, so they traded Nick Rimando to the New York Red Bulls. But, veteran keeper Scott Garlick retired and RSL was scrambling to replace him. But, it didn't take them long to reacquire Rimando from RBNY.

I wonder what the future considerations are that RBNY is getting for Rimando?

Toronto FC still waiting on Conor Casey


Apparently there are some issues being worked out and Conor Casey has yet to report to Toronto FC.

A conspiracy theorist might wonder if Casey is trying to force Toronto FC to trade his rights. There have been rumors that Casey might prefer to play for the Colorado Rapids. Casey is a Colorado native and the theory is that he would be a lot happier playing closer to home.

Decrying the lack of quality soccer reporting in the US

This Is American

This is a solid article talking about the sad state of soccer reporting in the US.

Like I've always said, there are three pillars to building soccer in this country - a solid club, a solid fan base, and solid media support. The same holds true on the larger scale with the club being joined by a solid national program and solid professional leagues.

The US is improving on a variety of fronts. But, it does have a long ways to go, unfortunately.

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