In the "Group of Death" of this Women's World Cup, the US played the Grim Reaper and ended Nigeria's tournament thanks to the second fastest goal in WWC history by Lori Chalupny.

Abby Wambach finished group play with 3 goals and an assist. That means that she was in on 80% of the US goals as they finished atop Group B with two wins and a draw.

Up next is England at 8am on Saturday morning.

Clint Dempsey is getting a lot of love across the pond

There are not one, but two articles on Fulham's website about US forward Clint Dempsey.

Clint is on fire lately as he has moved up top in the absence of fellow Yank Brian McBride.

How hot is Dempsey? Try three goals in his last three matches.

Lilley out in Vancouver

Apparently winning the USL 1st Division title in 2006 wasn't enough to get Bob Lilley a contract extension with the Whitecaps.

Some Rhinos fans that are less than thrilled with Laurie Calloway are hoping that Matthew Ford's time with Bob Lilley in Hershey leads to Lilley coaching the Rhinos in 2007.

However, I think that is unlikely for a couple of reasons. First, is the fact that Calloway is under contract for 2008 and I can't see the Rhinos paying two head coaches given the money troubles the club has. Secondly, with minority owner Chris Wilmot talking about how the team needs to be more entertaining, I can't see Lilley as their guy.

Another name that is rumored to be on the hot seat is Montreal Impact head coach Nick De Santis. He's another defense first head coach that I don't see being a fit with the way that the current Rhinos management wants to go.

One thing is obvious, this offseason is once again going to be very interesting............

Some interesting tidbits about the Impact's season


I knew former Rhinos forward Charles Gbeke led the Impact in goals and points this season.

What I didn't realize was that Joey Gjersten, who was acquired from Vancouver near the trade deadline, led Montreal in assists with five. That says a lot about the midfield distribution that the Impact had this season.

Another stat that made me chuckle was the fact that Impact goalkeeper Matt Jordan had more shutouts than wins.

Although, I am jealous of the nice wrapup to the season that the Impact had on their website. It's too bad the Rhinos didn't have something like that.

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