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I think I just broke my Control, C, and V buttons on my keyboard.

I hope the weather holds off. And while I'd love to cheese out like so many and predict a 2-0 US win, I'll go 3-1.

News & Notes:

- The New York Red Bulls have re-signed former Rhino forward John Wolyniec.

- The Red Bulls blog post after the NY-Puerto Rico scoreless draw has a quick 20 second interview with Carlos Mendes.

- Minnesota has cut loose former Rhino defender Kevin Taylor and forward Freddy Moojen. I wonder if either guy could land in Rhinos camp?

- Carolina has signed a couple more players, including one more former Cleveland City Star.

- Don Garber is saying that the Beckham situation will be finalized, one way or the other, by Friday. This will be interesting.....

- AC Milan appears to think that they will get their man.

- Landon was dodging the questions about his staying with Bayern Munich at the USMNT presser.

- Khano Smith could be headed to the Red Bulls.

- Toronto FC has a new forward.

- Blanco is calling for a draw tonight.

- Fred is dealing with the untimely passing of his father.

- Oh yeah!!!!

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