uglyFirst I wasn't into the new training gear that the USMNT is wearing at the World Cup camp.

Now come leaks of Inter Milan's shirts for 2010/11. I don't know which is worse, the serpent on the away white shirt or the pixelated stripes on the blue & black home shirt?

Nike certainly failed when they came up with these designs.


-'s early take on Day 2 - It's raining.

- Ives also posted his first impressions at Fox yesterday.

- Jozy Altidore did a Q&A With's Jen Chang.

- Ben Reiter at thinks that Jozy's potential is HUUUUUUGE. Sorry, but I don't want potential, I want goals!

- Jozy told Beckham that on June 12th the scoreline with be US 3 England 0.

- Here is the media blitz from yesterday.

- The Original Winger has a bunch of videos from Day One.

- Bob Bradley talked about Charlie Davies yesterday.

- Pitch Invasion takes a look at the State of the Soccer Nation including a Soccernomics inspired look at the occupations of the fathers of USMNT players.

- One Goal, Road to South Africa Part 4 is up.

News & Notes:

- Troy Roberts & Nano Short were out at the Irondequoit Soccer Tournament over the weekend.

- PK takers at the World Cup won't be able to feint. I wonder how many guys that rule will mess with?

- Just what we need - MORE REFS!

- West Ham United has a 10 point plan for the future of the club. It would be interesting if more teams did this.

- MLS needs to convince the NY Mets that MLS is a better investment than the NHL if they are going to get a 2nd team in NY.

- Thierry Henry is trying to downplay the NY Red Bull rumors a bit. But, it doesn't seem that too many people are buying it.

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