piling upI have been really busy this week, so I'm goijng to have some quick one liners from the big news stories of the week:

- The Rhinos acquire Alen Marcina from Minnesota at the deadline - Letting Rey Martinez go and adding Alen Marcina is a net win for the Rhinos, IMO. No let's hope Marcina can get anywhere near he was with Puerto Rico in 2006 and less what he's been in various USL stops over the past couple of seasons.

- The USL 1st Division Team of the Week had Ross SMith, thanks to his version of the "Hand of God" goal, along with Hamed Diallo and Alex Afonso who both had hat tricks last week.

- SBI.net reported that MLS blocked the Red Bulls from paying a $200,000 transfer fee for Atlanta's Macoumba Kandji. And then MLS denied it and Ives stood by his source. I wonder if this means that Kandji's ankle will be healed by tomorrow? Either way, Atlanta is on an 0-5-2 skid and needs to get things turned around quickly if they want to make the playoffs.

- The XSL? Is Vince McMahon somehow involved with this?

- Bob Bradley has named the 20 man roster for the upcoming Worl Cup Qualifiers against Cuba and T&T. I got a chuckle that Michael Orozco got called up given how his Olympic performance ended.

- Will Gooch be on the move to a big time club soon? For his sake, I hope so!

- Scotland doesn't want to be a part of a Great Britain Olympic soccer team in 2012. I'm getting Braveheart flashbacks running through my head right now.

- Channel 10 had a cool piece recently on Jason Perry and Flower City Soccer.

- For tomorrow's show, we have Rhinos head coach Darren Tilley and midfielder Tiger Fitzpatrick scheduled, along with LA Galaxy Associate Head Coach Dave Sarachan. We are also chasing another guest or two. So tune in to Sports Radio 1280 AM at 11am tomorrow morning. It's going to be fun!

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