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At Puerto Rico and at Miami

That is a tough road trip of two games in three days.

Add in that Miami has the reigning player of the week in Diego Serna and I'd be really happy if they were able to get 2 or 3 points out of these two games.

Add in the suspensions due to the Earls and Ball red cards versus Carolina and this weekend may not be a fun one for the Rhinos.

News & Notes:

- Dave Sarachan as the head coach for Philly's MLS team? He leads this top 10 list of candidates for the job.

- Speaking of the Philly MLS team, they may not have a name, but they have an official pizza sponsor!

- It looks like Ottawa's MLS bid may be dead.

- The latest on the stadium plan in Portland.

- Of course, the leader of the Portland MLS bid is pimping the deal while others attack the rush to judgement.

- And it appears that it might all come down to one vote.

- Could Tim Howard and Everton be the opponent for the MLS All Star Game?

- It appears that CONCACAF is still working on who will qualify into the 2010-11 Champions League and that the US Open Cup Champ potentially might not get a bid. Or, the USL could get their way and the US Open Cup finalists will both get a bid..........

- DC United shut out FC Dallas 2-0 to move into the US Open Cup tournament.

- Vancouver appears to be talking to EA Sports about a jersey sponsorship deal when they move to MLS.

- Andrea Canales was timing Freddie Ljungberg's shower?

- Chris Albright is on the shelf after having knee surgery.

- Toronto FC can get grass at BMO Field IF they pay to move the bubble that covers the stadium in the winter and for the grass......

- DeRo is on the shelf for Toronto with a hamstring injury.

- Will Osorio's plan work out? I hope not!

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