Ives Galarcep is reporting that Toronto FC will be giving Dwayne De Rosario as much money as they can without making the midfielder a Designated Player.

Now all of TFC Nation can go out and get their DeRo jerseys without worry.

News & Notes:

- Speaking of money, Kaka just turned down a boatload from Machester City. Beckham thinks that he wants to land with Real Madrid.

- Another day, another goal for Landon Donovan in a Bayern Munich kit. I wonder if MLS and LA are rooting for Landon to score more as they plan on upping their asking price?

- San Jose has lost one midfielder in Lima and is after another in Bobby Convey.

- Michael Lewis has a nice piece on about Jeff Agoos and Joy Fawcett getting into the US Soccer Hall of Fame.

- has an article about how poorly MLS scouts USL talent. He didn't call out specific names ala Greg Lalas using John Ball as an example of this. But, he did point to the success of USL clubs in the CONCACAF Champions League in his argument.

- Luis Bueno's latest at ponders whether Chivas acquired Borgetti to send him north of the border to Chivas USA.

- I have to disagree with Greg Lalas' major premise in his new article. Yes, a handful of players like Marcus Tracy will bypass the MLS Draft each year, but I don't see that as a major issue. I have wondered for a while about the last piece about why Americans go to Scandinavia to build their careers. Besides the coin, of course.

- CBC Sports wonders why Trader Mo wasn't wheeling and dealing at the Draft last week. He must have been too busy talking contract with DeRo!

- The Miami Sun Sentinel has the latest on the Miami-Barca MLS bid. I can't wait for the anti-Field Turf brigade to want to kill their bid. Personally, there are much better reasons to kill the bid. Barca & St. Louis is a merger I could get behind.........

- If the Stampede want to practice "WE HATE MONTREAL" , you can get your pre-season training in.

- Toronto FC, DC United, and Real Salt Lake are this years MLS entrants in the Carolina Challenge Cup.

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