Well, Dan Williams isn't going with the old "two weeks" timeframe. He's going with 48 to 72 hours.

Is that why Dan was on local radio starting yesterday?

Is that why I hear that he is coming on Kick This! on Saturday?

I sure hope so. I believe that once Dan Williams signs on the dotted line, the Rhinos will give us plenty of non-business news to chew on.

And I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I'm really looking forward to talking about who should be starting up top for the Rhinos (has to be Diallo and Salles, right?), what the Rhinos midfield looks like (there have been teases of some solid signings that they are waiting to unveil), and how they need to give Boom Boom more minutes.

I know Coach Calloway can't wait to talk about that stuff!

Tons of News & Notes:

- and are both reporting that MLS will announce that Chester, PA will be getting the 16th MLS franchise with an expected start date of the 2010 season. And it didn't take long for their supporters to get some coverage from across the pond!

- The Houston Chronicle and Glenn Davis are reporting that the Dynamo are on the verge of adding a 21 yo Argentine forward. Goodness knows that they need help up top.

- Benny Feilhaber wants DP-type dollars? Ummmmmmm, yeah.............

- Speaking of DP dollars, is saying that Figo is too rich for the Revs blood.

- Now this would be a duo that would be worth DP dollars times two, IMO.

- Gooch talks about US-Mexico.

- Speaking of US-Mexico, this story makes me laugh. A soccer club catching heck because a player was born in the good ole US of A. Only at Chivas.......

- Pia Sundhage has announced the USWNT roster for this year's Algarve Cup. Solo's on it and Scurry isn't.........

- Kyle Martino would look great in a Rhinos uniform.........

- St. Louis' MLS dreams are on hold for now.

- Some great tidbits on the Fire and Will Ferrell on soccer over at Luis Arroyave's blog today.

- First it was Yanks headed to Fulham and now Fulham is sending players to the US!

- The Austin Aztex may not take the field until next year, but they have a coach already. Adrian Heath has an impressive resume with head coaching experience at Sheffield United, Burnley, and Coventry City.

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