- I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Lalas Thanksgiving Dinner after this column by SI.com's Greg Lalas .

- Hopefully I can tune in to ESPN2 tonight as Toronto FC hosts the NY Red Bulls. The Red Bulls can clinch a playoff spot and I want to see how the crowd in Toronto is dealing with their team's struggles to score goals and get results.

- Last night the New England Revolution won their first Lamar Hunt US Open Cup title . The fact that New England had never won the Open Cup previously was a bit surprising to me as they have taken the Open Cup seriously over the past few seasons. Unlike some MLS clubs that want to get out as soon as possible to avoid added mid-week games.

- Apparently the Rapids almost had Mexican forward Jared Borgetti signed as a DP. Blanco in Chicago and Borgetti in Colorado would be great for all those anti-Mexico fans throughout the US!

- Is it me, or is Ives Galarcep really dreaming when it comes to trying to figure out ways to get Del Piero on the Red Bulls? Who wants Claudio Reyna when he is hurt almost all the time? Forget the fact that he's a DP on top of it. The only way that the Red Bulls can land another DP is if MLS gives every team two DP slots and allows a single team to have 3 DPs at once. Either that, or they need to convince Reyna to retire. That would likely require Reyna to keep his salary and have him move to a front office position or perhaps get him involved in the Youth Development side of things.

- There is a nice little battle between good (soccer fans) and evil (soccer hating media) in DC via the Washington Post's website .

- Check out the website that Rochester native and DC United forward Jamil Walker is a big part of. There is some pretty cool stuff going on that could help young soccer players.

- And DC defender Bobby Boswell provides my last thought for the day.

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