Tick tockThe Pressbox Powertrip

So, tomorrow is the day that Sam's group let's the world know where things stand with regards to their bid to become the new owners of the Rhinos.

Hopefully, there is good news with regards to either Rob Clark's bid to take control of the team or Sam's group bid to buy the team soon as both groups felt like a deal had to happen before Monday for the 2008 season to happen.

Did the City go for the Rob Clark bid and give him the 50 year lease that he was looking for?

Did the City go with the local group that had a lot of people around town buzzing?

Will there be another mystery group that jumps out from somewhere to surprise everyone yet again?

Will Dan Williams' bid rise from the ashes like a Phoenix?

Hopefully we'll have some answers to these questions soon or we'll be left with an empty PAETEC Park for at least a year and that won't be good for a lot of people!

News & Notes

- Stop me if you've heard this story before: Abby Wambach scores the game winner in a title game for the US. The goal means that Abby is only 11 away from the century mark in international play.

- The US U-23 MNT did not get off to the start that they had hoped for as they try and qualify for the 2008 Olympics in China. A 1-1 draw with Cuba means that the US will have an uphill battle the rest of the way. The US needs three points against Panama with the game kicking off within the next twenty minutes.

- This Columbus Crew fan blog has an interesting interview with the club's VP of ticket sales.

- Frank Dell'Apa of The Boston Globe has an article about how the Revs have resisted the urge to splurge o a Designated Player. You certainly can't argue with the results that Steve Nicol and company have gotten on the field. But, would a DP help them at the gate?

- I would have thought that The Huffington Post would be the last place to find a soccer article.....

- Apparently a new home for the Dynamo isn't the only soccer pitch that is needed in Houston.

- The Sons of Ben are getting a lot of ink already.

- One small step for San Jose on the road to a new stadium for the EQuakes perhaps?

- I've asked this question a lot: Why not St. Louis?

- If you believe the rumor mill, West Ham United , and not Liverpool, will be the opponent in this year's MLS All-Star game in Toronto.

- The Vancouver Whitecaps have been busy this week announcing some re-signings and a Japanese midfielder with World Cup experience .

Is it Friday yet?

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