MursteinIt's been a while since Andrew Murstein has been in the news. In 2005 , he was talking about putting a second MLS team in New York City and naming them the Cosmos. Last year, there were reports that he was trying to get in on the sale of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins.

But the two bits of info that have me pencilling in Murstein near the top of my list should there be a Rhinos Investor Pool out there, are the fact that he mentioned Rochester in a 2005 interview with Sean Wheelock of Fox and because he's based in New York City.

Rhinos CEO Steve Donner called into Saturday's Kick This! from a cab in New York City. Steve said he was in New York City as a little family holiday season vacation. But, he also mentioned that he was in a busy New York City restaurant talking to a potential investor when a reporter called him to ask about the Sabres-Amerks relationship.

The one rumor mill piece that Murstein doesn't fit in with is the speculation that the investor is a foreigner. I have heard speculation that the potential investor in a 30-something gentleman from England. So, I very well could be barking up the wrong tree here.

And if Steve Donner's timeframe for an announcement comes true, we won't be waiting long before the newest white knight that intends to save soccer in Rochester comes marching into town.

But we shall see...................

Other News & Notes:

- Jack Bell of the NY Times has a pretty thorough sit down Q&A with MLS grand poobah Don Garber. There is nothing really new, but the gameplan to expand to 18 teams and then sit and wait was interesting to read.

- Jozy Altidore's latest blog entry talks about how he's looking forward to the 2008 Olympics in China. Oh yeah, and his agent is telling him to not talk about the Jozy to Europe rumors.......

- Greg Lalas's new 3-5-2 column starts out with the rumor mill gossip on the Red Bulls coaching situation. I have three words for the Red Bulls: PREKI! PREKI! PREKI!

- Reading Steven Goff's NCAA tourney weekend wrap up has me taking away two things: Kenney Bertz must be PO'd with how Maryland's season ended and Ian Sarachan must have gotten some Kick This! Karma (He was Saturday's trivia answer that Kevin Barci got right).

- The early line on next Saturday's show is that we have pencilled in Rhinos defender Scott Palguta and we may try again to get Abby Wambach on the show. Although, things very well could change depending on the highly fluid state of the Rochester Sports Group stories.

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