Dan Williams is having a meeting today and his plan is to take over the Rhinos.

So, all the people that are hoping that Steve Donner and Frank DuRoss will step away, may get their wish very soon.

I just hope that this does indeed work out and that Dan Williams is the white knight that the franchise so desperately needs right now.

And while many fans will focus on Dan's talk about bringing in a former EPL player to the Rhinos and ideas such as cleaning up the neighborhood, I think the bigger thing short term will be who will take over the day to day operation of the club?

While it appears that Matthew Ford will remain aboard per Devo's most recent blog entry , as will the Rhinos name, it will be interesting to see what other changes will be happening. Especially since the entire ticket department was let go after the 2007 season.

In an attempt to get revenues up, will the Rhinos undertake drastic changes with regards to how the game is presented and how the team is marketed? I know one theory being floated by many is that the team needs to stop marketing to the soccer families that flocked to Frontier Field and are turned off by the PAETEC Park neighborhood and instead try and market to a demographic that isn't turned away by the neighborhood. Namely, the 18-35 year old male demographic that doesn't particularly enjoy Cotton Eye Joe and Sponge Bob Squarepants on the PA.

Will Williams be able to improve the parking and concession situation at the stadium in a timely manner? Bother those areas also need to be improved upon in an effort to boost revenues.

But, I'm getting waaaaaay ahead of myself. First, Williams needs to get the deal done.

So, all I can do now is wait, think happy thoughts, and watch the US defeat Mexico 2-0 on US soil!

News & Notes:

- Jeff Bradley's First XI for this week in on the recent history of US-Mexico. There are so many good memories in there...........

- Jack Bell of the NY Times talks to 2007 Golden Boy Benny Feilhaber. That kid needs to start playing, pronto.

- SBI.net is saying that Hugo Sanchez is keeping is big mouth shut prior to tonight's match. I didn't know that was possible.

- SBI.net is also reporting that ESPN has cut Eric Wynalda loose. It's too bad that he got cut loose as he was fun to listen to. Even if I didn't agree with him all the time, he was entertaining and that was his job.

- The USL 1st Division could be expanding to Edmond, Oklahoma in 2009. With Austin, Texas joining the league next season, this would make sense.

- If Liverpool is sold by it's current American owners, the new owner could be Bob Kraft of NE Patriots and Revolution fame. I hope none of the people that want the current owners out are for the move just to reduce the American influence on the EPL.

- After reading this , I'm wondering who wouldn't expect the Beckham hype to be less than it was last year?

- I really hope that the news that Matt Pickens has signed with QPR doesn't mean that Scott Vallow is now on Chicago's radar screen. And I have one question on this one. If Brad Guzan can't secure a UK work permit, how can Matt Pickens? Maybe he has a close relative from the UK or he married someone from the UK.

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