WeekendThe weekend is almost here, but there is some big news in the soccer world.

LA Sol fold

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The LA Sol have folded after one season and Marta, Shannon Boxx, and the rest of the Sol players will be dispersed amongst the remaining WPS clubs for 2010.

This can not be a good sign for the long term health of the second attempt to have a pro women's soccer league in the US.

The writing was on the wall when AEG pulled out and WPS was trying to find new owners to operate the club.

The question now is what kind of financial shape are the other WPS teams really in?

MLS and Players extend CBA deadline


With the current CBA set to expire over the weekend, both sides have been working hard and have opted to extend the current CBA by 2 weeks to try and get a deal done.

That has to be a positive sign. Hopefully they can get a deal done as the US needs to have MLS up and running in 2010 to help prep players for the World Cup.

News & Notes:

- John Ball has signed with the Ohio Vortex of the PASL-Pro indoor league.

- IMS.com has a Q&A with Tampa Bay CEO Andrew Nestor. I find the tug of war over the right to sell merchandise with the Tampa Bay Rowdies name interesting.

- Jason Mellor at Fanhouse UK has to eat some humble pie over Landon Donovan's move to Everton. The BBC talked to Landon Donovan. No Short Corners has a media round up on Landon as well.

- Philadelphia has acquired Michael Orozco by trading allocation money to NY for the first spot in the allocation order. Orozco and Califf along the back line should help the Union out of the gate.

- MLS Insider has some aerial shots of Philly's new home.

- I need to find a pair of these in Rochester.

- I should remember this when my kids get older...... Ouch!

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