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The US has gotten to the point that it is expected that they will qualify for the World Cup.

But, it was nice to see the US clinch a spot in the World Cup with a game still to play in this Hex.

And with a home match at RFK versus Costa Rica, the US can finish atop the table. Personally, I hope that the US does take the three points from tomorrow night's match so that they can have a legitimate complaint should Mexico get seeded ahead of the US when the groups are drawn in December.

News & Notes:

- Get well soon, Charlie!

- Grant Wahl has his travel guide for the 2010 World Cup up at Grant should know as he lived in South Africa while he was writing The Beckham Experiment.

- To prep for the World Cup, the US has made official a friendly with Denmark next month. I hope they pack the parkas!

- That is a whole lot of red cards for US squads lately.

- Don Garber has made the Euro snobs day hinting that MLS could try and move to an international calendar by having covered stadiums. Who's going to pay for that in Toronto, Columbus, New England, Chicago, and the other markets that will need it?

- I wonder if this gives a little more life to the MLS-Mexican League merger dreams?

- Steve Cronin has moved to DC United on loan from the Portland Timbers and the New York Red Bulls have added Carolina goalkeeper Caleb Patterson-Sewell for the Real Salt Lake game.

- Sal Zizzo tore up his knee and will be on the shelf for a while.

- Martin Nash saw red at home? I thought that the Canadian clubs got home cooking? I guess that only counts when they play teams from south of the border.

- It would be cool if this happened with teams in the US like perhaps FC Dallas or the NY Red Bulls or......

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