Here is your chance to win your choice of 2 free club seats or 4 seats in Section 132 for the 2007 Rochester Rhinos season.

All you have to do is correctly predict the 6 playoff teams in the USL 1st Division this season, the final seedings 1 through 6, and the final point totals for the 6 playoff teams.

USL 1st Division Standings

USL 1st Division Schedule (August)

USL 1st Division Schedule (September)

The tiebreaker, in the event that more than one person correctly predicts the final standings and point totals for the six playoff teams, will be the prediction of the two teams in the USL 1st Division final and the final score. The finals prediction will be scored on 2 points for each correct team, 2 points for correctly predicting the loser, 4 points for correctly predicting the winner, and 8 points for correctly predicting the final score.

To enter the contest post your entries here: .

Here is Soccer Sam's prediction based after Toronto defeating the Islanders last evening and changing things up a bit.

1) Rochester - 52 pts

2) Montreal - 51 pts

3) Charleston - 44 pts

4) Seattle - 43 pts

5) Vancouver - 42 pts

6) Miami FC - 41 pts


Rochester 2 - Montreal 1 @ PTP with Howes and Ball scoring for the Rhinos.

The first entry per person received will be entered into the contest and all entries must be posted by noon on Thursday, August 31, 2006.

If you have any questions, send them to and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

This contest is being sponsored by Suck Up, Incorporated.