All the people that hate Nike and especially hate it when they buy up smaller sport-specific brands to expand their empire have a new move by Nike to complain about.

Nike has announced a plan to acquire Umbro for almost $600 million. Reportedly, Nike will still operate Umbro as it's own brand as they have done with Converse since acquiring that company.

But, as has been seen by Nike's failure to capture the hockey market with their purchase of Bauer, it will be interesting to see if merely buying a brand with deep roots in soccer will work out long term.

Other News & Notes

- Steven Goff is reporting that there has been a major shake up within the US U-17 program with John Hackworth and most of his coaching staff being let go. And Goff says that there are rumors that France's Gerard Houllier could be the next US U-17 coach.

- There are not one, but two articles up on with renderings of a potential MLS stadium in the suburb of Chester in Delaware County. I find it very interesting that there seems to be more traction with regards to a new MLS stadium outside of Philly than there is in places like Houston and San Jose at this point.

- has a nice article up on Bob and Michael Bradley.

- Apparently a radio DJ in Portland has ticked off some soccer fans in his city by hanging up on MLS commish Don Garber. I find the whole situation funny on a number of different levels.

- Kasey Keller is on the shelf for about four months due to a torn biceps tendon. Where have I heard about a goalkeeper tearing his biceps tendon in training before?

- US has some cool behind the scenes videos up from the US-Switzerland game and the camp that led up to the match. The pieces with the Fulham duo of Bocanegra and Dempsey were especially good.

- And las, but certainly not least, Grant Wahl has a solid mailbag column at And I'm not saying that just because he picked DC United to win MLS Cup. I was also intrigued by his choice for the next USWNT head coach.

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