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Devo has three unnamed sources that are saying that former Rhinos forward Darren Tilley will be introduced as the third head coach in Rochester Rhinos history at a press conference that is set for 3pm this afternoon.

It is also expected that the Rhinos will announce Tilley's assistant coach at this press conference.

Tilley has an A-League and US Open Cup ring from his two seasons in Rochester as a player. He was one of the many core players that were brought into town during the off season that followed the mediocre 1997 season.

Until we get to see what Darren's ideas are from player selection to formations to game day tactics, it's hard to have a snap judgement on the move as Tilley has no professional coaching experience.

And since it's been almost a decade since Darren left Rochester, it's hard to know how he's grown in the nine years that have past since he last suited up for the Rhinos.

I hope that the fans give Darren a decent honeymoon period, just like I hope for the same for Rob Clark.

The club is entering a new era with a head coach and an owner that will be learning on the job in 2008. And when that is the case, it is unlikely that things will go perfectly.

Other Rhinos tidbits:

- Ryan Whirty is reporting that Rochester City Council has yet to see the proposed lease agreement that Rob Clark and Mayor Duffy's office has been working on. When should we start getting worried?

- The Rhinos are looking for people to do concessions at PAETEC Park in 2008. I know people were dancing on Delaware North's grave when Rob Clark announced that they would no longer do concessions at PAETEC Park. But, do they have enough time to get quality vendors up and running with opening day only 37 days away? I really hope that things don't look like what you see when people set up a hot dog and lemonade stand in their yard during big neighborhood garage sale days.

Other news & notes:

- is saying that Montreal Canadiens and Liverpool owner George Gillette is joining forces with Joey Saputo to bring the Montreal Impact to MLS. I'm sure the USL isn't thrilled with this news.

- Anyone with a Guiseppe Rossi voodoo doll out there needs to poke it some more.

- If you are watching the US-Poland game instead of going to the Rhinos presser, US has their game day preview up. Speaking of the USMNT, Run DMB is looking to return from his latest injury late next month.

- Adam Spangler from This Is American was at the Red Bulls media day. I wonder what swag an MLS team gives out to the press at these things?

- Toronto FC's new coach wasn't thrilled with the way his team performed in the Carolina Challenge Cup.

- The LA Galaxy have signed a couple of key players away from the Portland Timbers. Goalkeeper Josh Wicks and forward Bryan Jordan are the newest members of David Beckham's supporting cast.

- Martin Rogers at Yahoo! has a nice piece on PREKI, PREKI, PREKI!

- Ives Galarcep has a nice piece on what's next for MLS. Although, some of the questions can be asked every year, such as who will come out of nowhere to be a big time impact player.

- According to Big Apple, the Red Bulls are close to adding a foreign player. But, no news on whether they will make an offer the Rhinos can't refuse for Scott Palguta.......

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