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The one thing that jumps out at me as their take that the signing of Salles is the biggest move of the off season.

I would say that getting Steve Guppy as a player/assistant coach is the biggest move that they made in the off season.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Luke Kreamalmayer weren't the new face that has the biggest on the field impact, either.

You could also make a solid case for Tiger Fitzapatrick and Atiba Charles beign the most valuable newcomer for the Rhinos in 2008.

The biggest reason I'm of that mind is that Hamed Diallo and Matthew Delicate seem to be having some solid chemistry this preseason while Salles is on the shelf with an ankle injury.

Diallo and Delicate may get so much time up top for the Rhinos that it will be hard for Salles, or any other Rhinos forward, to do much of anything.

News & Notes:

- Ryan Whirty is wondering if Rob Clark has enough money to pay for the Rhinos opening road trip. If Rob Clark can pay $30,000 to Steve Donner's employees, I'm sure he'll have no problem covering the team's opening road trip.

- The Revs will be missing a large chunk of their Starting XI when they take on FC Dallas tonight in ESPN2's Game of the Week.

- I'm not big on Chivas USA, but I really like Sacha Klejstan. It kind of like how I hate the Dallas Burn aka FC Dallas, but I really like Kenny Cooper.

- If you need a t-shirt, head over here. Or if you want to show your support for Rex, you might want to get this one.

- Will Goose gets the keys to the Red Bull Mobile?

- Jozy is ready to be The Man with Angel on the shelf for the Red Bulls. I'm sure the potential pay day from a European transfer hasn't entered his mind at all, either........

- American billionaires have bought EPL clubs and it appears that Serie A may be the next place where Americans buy clubs.

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