Apparently the Rhinos new investor can't show up fast enough to help solve the team's cash flow issues.

There have been whispers about all the various bills the Rhinos have been failing to pay. One of them has been the rent on the former Empire Plastics building.

The Rhinos have cut a $50,000 check to Maguire Properties for back rent and taxes in order to avoid a situation where their lease is nullified and they lose an option to buy the property.

But, the Rhinos still owe around $36,000 as the total bill was $86,000.

I truly hope that the new investor signs on the dotted line soon and the discussions about the team can shift from financial woes to primarily on the field type things.

Plus, I'm hoping that the new investor will mean that the team can jump into the free agent market with both feet as this team needs some upgrades in talent, especially in the midfield.

Other news & notes:

- Is MLS Commish Don Garber really the 27th most influential person in sports business? I think I just choked on my lunch............

- Steve Davis at and Ian Plenderleith of US break down some of the foreigner roster limit changes that were announced this week. With foreigner slots now tradeable assets, it will be very interesting to see what teams opt for a more domestic roster and which go after a more foreign laden one.

- Here is another article on why the Maciej Zurawski to LA rumors have started up. Basically, the Polish national team head coach wants him playing if he wants to remain on the national team.

- Jack Bell of the NY Times talks about how NASL jerseys will never go out of style.

- Abby Wambach has been cleaning up in the US "Best of 2007" Awards voting. She has won the Best Performance by a Player Award (Barely edging out Freddy Adu's hat trick vs Poland at the U-20 WC), Best all_access video, and Best Goal (Women). And they haven't even unveiled awards like the various players of the year!

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