Devo's Direct Kicks

Devo's Direct Kicks - More Analysis Coming - Observations from Miami FC-Rochester

Pretty much everyone agrees about one thing with the Rhinos performance in Miami on Saturday night: they played a heck of a lot better in the first half than the second half.

Bob Lilley was disappointed because the team played much better in the last two weeks of pre-season than they did when the regular season began on Saturday.

Now the questions shift to what can they do this week when they travel across the country to take on the Portland Timbers. Portland should be a big step up in competition for the Rhinos and it will be interesting to see what Bob Lilley and company do to play a 90 minute game this week.

Other tidbits from the USSF D2 Pro League's opening weekend

- The attendance at the USSF D2 games this past weekend were about half what they were at WPS games this past weekend.

- US has a schedule page, but I miss the links to the scoresheets like we used to get at USL

- Luke Kreamalmayer missed the first game in AC St Louis history because his wife was about to give birth. I hope congratulations are in order to Luke and his family.

- Luke wasn't the only AC St Louis player that missed the match. And check out why they played down a man for the first 31 minutes. That's not the way you want to start a franchise off......

- NSC Minnesota dropped it's franchise opener in Vancouver.

- Yanks Abroad looks at Jamie Watson's long and winding road.

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