According to ESPNW , Abby Wambach has scored two of the top 5 goals in USWNT history, with yesterday's being at the top of the list.

Rochester obviously can't get enough of Abby Wambach. Just look at the front page of our paper.

But it's not just us. Our neighbors to the west have her on the cover , too.

Seattle had their hometown hero on the cover.

And both of them were on the cover of USA Today and the whole team was on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, among other papers.

Mary Abigail Wambach and the US Women's National Soccer Team is kind of a big deal today. Good Morning America and The Jim Rome Show were just a couple of shows that wanted a piece of the conquering American heroes today.

Twitter blew up yesterday.

The TV ratings were solid.

Pictures were taken.

The team lived up to the one word motto stitched beneath the crests over their hearts.

Now comes the hard part. Now comes the game after THE GAME. Now comes the game where if they lose, it's like THE GAME never happened. Now comes the game that precedes the next GAME. 

For one game, gone is the underdog role. Gone is the hatred of the opponent because of a big celebration in their presence 4 years ago that sat in players' guts to fuel THE COMEBACK. 

And all that is left is a team standing in the way of our team that in most people's opinions is playing with house money. And that can be dangerous. 

So, if the US Women aren't going to have their electrifying goal become a footnote to be talked about once every 4 years or so, then they need to turn the page, focus on the job that remains, and remove France from between them and their dreams.

My favorite reaction pieces to yesterday:

- Jenna @ All White Kit & Jeff @ Equalizer Soccer do a great job summing up most of it.

- After some controversial calls went against the US and they came back to win, I've uttered a phrase a few times that puzzled people. Well, ball don't lie.

- Abby's speechless moment reminded me of this NHL Stanley Cup playoff ad.

- The USA 10 Kit asks if teams panic too early.

- Dan @ The Free Beer Movement talks about how he and his wife fell in love with the USWNT.

- Why choose between Landon's goal last year and Abby's goal?

- Steve Davis & Jeff @ Equalizer Soccer have the main talking points after yesterday.

- Grantland sets the stage of the summer fairy tale.

- Grant Wahl being Grant Wahl at

- Who had better timing on Saturday, Nike Soccer for this going up on Youtube or Megan Rapinoe being the first guest on Flash Through the WPS?

- Gotta love what Pia Sundhage had to say after the game.

- Ray @ All White Kit has the things we learned yesterday.

- If you haven't seen them, here are the highlights and here is Ali Krieger on the Studio 90 couch after the match.

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