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My co-links of the day:

SBI.net - 23 Americans advance, 1 goes home

Yanks Abroad talks to Michael Bradley (I liked this because Michael goes off. And it had to be fueled by the fact that people were calling for his dad's job)

Thankfully my Father's Day visit to the in-laws was timed well and I was able to see the Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey goals as they happened. I did have to watch the DVR'd version at home to know that the US did go through to face Spain on Wednesday in the semifinals.

Like the 2006 World Cup commercials say, One Game Changes Everything.

I mean, Grant Wahl is getting an article in this week's SI because of one game. Well, two if you count Brazil's 3-0 thrashing of Italy.

While plenty of Bob Bradley's critics aren't letting up just yet, I do believe that they should give Bob the opportunity to coach this team through the World Cup.

Maybe he has another miracle in him?

Rhinos win 2-0 in Austin

USL Soccer.com - Score sheet


Devo's Direct Kicks

Rhinos Soccer.com

Who needs forwards when the defense gets a clean sheet, scores both goals, and has both assists?

Hopefully the walking wounded are healthy when the team heads to Minnesota on Saturday to take on a Minnesota team that will be looking to rebound from a bad last game in Portland.

News & Notes:

- Do we really want Jozy talking trash via text messages in broken Spanish?

- It looks like Onyewu will be playing club soccer in Turkey next season.

- The Tampa Bay Rowdies are looking to their past to shape their future.

- Speaking of Portland, this whole MLS stadium deal is crazy!

- Speaking of crazy MLS stadium deals, Steven Goff has a blog post about the DC United stadium debacle.

- Abby tweaked a hammy over the weekend, but will travel for the Freedom's game on Wednesday that will be on TV.

- The fallout over the Montreal laying down for Toronto continues with Marc Dos Santos coming up with a potential solution and Montreal fans protesting their team's lack of effort.

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