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USL - Scoresheet

The Rhinos had about as bad a 12 minute stretch as you can have in soccer. And on Saturday night it led to the Cleveland City Stars getting a 3-0 win over the Rhinos ahead of tomorrow night's 2nd Round US Open Cup match here in Rochester.

The good news for Rochester is that Kenney Bertz, Brent Sancho, and Ryan Heins got the night off. It will be interesting to see if Danny Earls, who wasn't on the gameday roster for the second game in a row after leaving in the first half against Minnesota, will be healthy enough to play tomorrow. 

The bad news, besides the result, is that Tai Atieno won't be available due to national team duty [per Devo's blog].

It will be interesting to see what changes that causes in the Rochester line up. I just hope that they go with two forwards as I don't see them being offensively efficient with Salles as a lone striker up top.

Devo's idea of going after Charles Gbeke

Devo's Direct Kicks - Match Report - Players fined, suspensions to be determined

While I believe that Charles Gbeke could be the type of forward that this team needs in the absence of a target forward to replace Matthew Delicate, I would be surprised if Vancouver wanted to move him.

There was a spat between a forward and a defender. In cases like that, the tends to side with the forward. Although, with the way that Marlon James has played, perhaps they feel that Gbeke can be moved.

The next question is whether the Rhinos are willing and able to do what it takes to add Gbeke. For instance, Gbeke's 3 goals so far this season would lead the team in Montreal. And you know Joey Saputo isn't afraid to make moves to try and improve his club.

But I agree with one thing, this team needs to try and make some roster moves sooner rather than later.

The one big bonus with Gbeke is that he isn't cup tied since Vancouver isn't in the US Open Cup.........

Confederations Cup

Today the US kicks off Confederations Cup play against the defending World Cup champions from Italy.

Here are a bunch of links on the topic:

- The Lost Generation? Ouch

- Landon Donovan talks about the Confed Cup and the 2006 World Cup match versus Italy.

- The USMNT Blog has 5 Did You Knows

- No Short Corners has the 5 match ups to watch for. Although, all signs earlier today were pointing towards Carlos Bocanegra not playing.

- Yanks Abroad ,, Steven Goff at The Washington Post, and Grant Wahl at have match previews.  

- If you want the USMNT Media Guide for the Confederations Cup, go here.

News & Notes:

- I am a bit surprised at this cautious take on the news that Jermaine Jones wants to change his national team affiliation from Germany to the US. Although, it appears that most US fans are all for the move. It seems like Bob Bradley knows enough about the situation that he wouldn't be against the move.

- Salles for Montero? DONE!

- Only 5 MLS teams are drawing better than last season and the league as a whole is down almost 9%. And four teams are off over 25%.......

- The Red Bulls have gone 20 road games without a win. I wonder how hot Osorio's seat is right about now?

- Pat Noonan to the Rapids. I wonder if Guppy wants to help Tilley out?

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