Mexico needs to get a result on Wednesday versus Honduras or it will not advance on in World Cup Qualifying.

Would that be something worth being thankful for or what?

The only thing that could be sweeter would be if the US were the ones knocking El Tri out.

And while I like Luis Bueno's second and third reasons behind why Mexico is in the situation that they are in, I have a hard time buying #1 that other countries are getting pay back for previous thrashing by Mexico.

Every country wants to advance to the World Cup. As such, I have a hard time believing that these countries would get up more for Mexico than anyone else when they have a shot to advance.

At the end of the day, I just hope that Honduras can get the job done on Wednesday night!

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The media run up to Sunday's MLS Cup between NY and Columbus is upon us.

I think the most interesting article of the bunch is "The Real Money Players" by Michael Lewis which talks about how some players that have made a huge impact on getting the Red Bulls to MLS Cup are making not a whole lot of money.

It's been "MLS' dirty little secret" for a while, but I really don't see things changing anytime soon.

News & Notes:

- I like the atmosphere in Rio Tinto Stadium , but did NY's goalkeeper change from Danny Cepero?

- Section 8 is saying that the Chicago Fire owe them $25,000. For some reason I doubt that this would be happening if Peter Wilt were still running things.

- US's Best of US Soccer Awards voting has begun.

- The Whitecaps are bringing back outside midfielder Justin Moose who has quickly become a fan favorite. I wonder how talks to re-sign players for the Rhinos are going..........

- Perhaps the Rhinos can improve their free kick conversions if they go this route? It's obvious that Ross Smith doesn't mind messing around with his shorts.......

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