TGIF- If you have a young goalkeeper at home, there are 4 spots remaining for Scott Vallow's camp on Sunday at TSE.

- Luis Bueno and Andrea Canales have shut down their Sideline Views blog. You can still catch them all over the internet with Andrea taking on a big role at, as well as writing articles there like this one about the end of LA's season.Luis Bueno has a new piece about Mexican domination of the CONCACAF Champions League at

- The Puerto Rico Islanders may be running out of steam as they lost late last night in CCL play and are on the verge of not advancing to the Quarters. They won their first two games in group play, but now sit at 2-2-1......

- Sunil Gulati is not only the US Soccer Federation President, but he also teaches economics at Columbia University(I wonder if Tiger ever had him.....). So, Mike Woitalla of Soccer America did an interview for where he talked to Gulati about how the recent economic downturn affects the soccer world.

- It seems that every body and their brother have a take on the Beckham to AC Milan story from Martin Rogers at Yahoo! Sports to Graham Jones at the LA Times to Phil Collin at the Daily Breeze to Kyle McCarthy at to Mike Penner at the LA The funny thing is that the official statement from MLS says that this may take a lot longer than people expect..........

- If you are a stat junky, US has the ProZone Match Analysis from the US-Cuba match up now.

- has some info on the ownership group that is trying to bring MLS to Vancouver and an article about a $25 million training center for the Whitecaps.

- This article about how Barcelona's bid to land an MLS franchise means that they are leaving Celtic in the dust again is kind of odd. I never realized taht there was a big rivalry between the two clubs. Now if it were Rangers looking to get an MLS franchise......

- Thank goodnes s for the Chicago Fire. Hopefully DC United takes advantage of the opportunity that they have and they get the job done versus Columbus on Sunday. Columbus has the Supporters Shield locked up, so it will be interesting to see what kind of lineup they throw out there.

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