TGIFIt's been a slow news day and I'm tired.

We do have a good show lined up for tomorrow with Scott Vallow and Mike Ambersley scheduled to join us with John Ball joining me in studio.

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Crazy thought of the day 

The Rapids have yet to make the Palguta signing official.

Since his contract with the Rhinos says that he can sign with an MLS team through March 15th, can the Rhinos try and pull Scott back if the deal isn't official by Monday?

I doubt it, but it would be interesting. We might have to start calling him Cutler if that happens.

News & Notes:

- Yet another young american soccer player has to make the choice between pro soccer and getting a real job due to MLS paying developmental players peanuts.

- Andrea Canales doesn't like Seattle hosting MLS Cup due to the turf at Qwest Field. In a 2006 NFLPA poll, Qwest Field was rated the 2nd best playing surface in the league. I wonder if MLS players will like it that much?

- Apparently Seattle fans were freaking out a bit.

- Meanwhile, DC United fans have been going nuts with their support for the new stadium.

- An Eric Brunner to Columbus trade looks to be close to being a done deal. He would have looked nice as a Scott Palguta replacement.

- and The both have articles about Anheuser-Busch jumping in to help the St. Louis MLS bid.

- The Portland MLS stadium plan would not only get the Portland Beavers AAA baseball team a new home, but would also help out Portland State football by getting them a new home stadium.

- Soccer say the expansion plans are hazier than many thought.

- If you were wondering about MLS secret rules, check out this awefully funny blog post.

- If you want to know the perfect PK to take, go here.

- Not only does it appear that Eric Brunner has left Miami FC, so has Josh Saunders who has signed with LA.

- Portland has signed left sided player Ryan Pore who had been with Kansas City.

- What is FIFA boss Sepp Blatter talking about now? The only way to keep the best American talent in MLS isn't to change the schedule, it's to offer better money than Europe and raise the level of competition. It's as simple as that. As long as the best pay and the best comp is in Europe, that is where players will want to play. It's the same thing in South American, Asian, and African countries as well.

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