TGIFDevo's Direct Kicks

Granted, the team has been struggling mightily of late, but I can't see them getting leapfrogged in the stadnings by Montreal, Vancouver, and Miami FC to finish out of the playoffs.

For instance, Montreal still has to play Carolina three times.

Vancouver has an easy schedule and could make some noise in their last seven games that include two games versus Austin and games versus Minnesota, Cleveland, Montreal, and Rochester.

Miami FC has two games in hand on the Rhinos, but they trail Rochester by 8 points. Miami also plays 6 out of their final 9 on the road, including trips to Portland, Carolina, and Charleston.

I would be stunned if they missed the playoffs. But right now, all I'm expecting is a first round and out playoff "run".

Hopefully they can get things on track and up the expectations.

News & Notes:

- The Rhinos are bringing back one of my favorite halftime events: Guitar Hero on the Jumbotron!

- Landon Donovan to Paris St. Germain after the MLS season? I think that might be a really good fit.

- In news that should stun no one, Juan Carlos Osorio has resigned as Red Bulls head coach.It's about time.

- Michael Lewis at Big Apple looks at the long history of foreign coaches flaming out in MLS.

- Bill Archer is wondering if San Jose v2.0 should get the plug pulled on it. 

- The Boston Globe looks at the stadium boom in MLS.

- I wish I had Thomas Rongen's pay check.

- Sigi Schmid is going to go nuts and Kasey Keller is calling guys out in Seattle. I like the fact that an expansion team isthis competitive!

- Schalke isn't putting a timetable on Jermaine Jones' return from his stress fracture. I'm sure Bob Bradley wants to see him back on the field soon.

- Clint Dempsey has his first goal of the campaign for Fulham.

- Here is a pretty cool video on Under Armour's entrance into the soccer boot market.

- The UEFA Champions League generates sick amounts of revenue.It's up to $1.55 billion in TV andmarketing revenue.

- I wonder if Jesus Padilla will play for the USMNT some day?

- If I had an iPhone, I'd have to have this app.

- On tomorrow's show, we are slated to have John Ball, Darren Tilley, Warren Ukah, Matthew Ford, and RailHawks head coach Martin Rennie. And I may have one more guest as well......

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