BtBDevo has an update on the suites at Marina Auto Stadium.

His previous update had the latest on the status of Steve Kindel and Errol McFarlane's availability.

MLS All Star Game

No Short Corners - Video Thursday

I find it funny that there was a lot more internet chatter ahead of last night's MLS vs Everton All Star game than afterward.

In fact, some of the post-game talk is less about the game and more about getting rid of the MLS All Star Game, or other topics like center backs not getting enough love , and are more DPs on their way?

All I have to say is what was Freddie Ljungberg thinking?

News & Notes:

- Abby Wambach is hitting her stride as she had the loan goal in Washington's 1-0 win over Boston last night.

- Vancouver has their match preview for tomorrow night up at their website.

- If you wanted an inside look at Andrew Lorei, you are in luck.

- Toronto FC may not have been surprised by Puerto Rico's tactics last night. But, they still lost at home 1-0 in the home leg of the CCL series between the two clubs. In stunning news, Cristian Arrieta got on the end of a Jonny Steele free kick to help get the Islanders the lone goal of the match.

- Ridge Mahoney had a nice piece on USA yesterday about the success of the Seattle Sounders.

- Colorado's Gary Smith talks about the recent roster moves the club has made.

- The Red Bulls have waived Khano Smith. Apparently he sulked his way out of town.

- It looks like Kenny Cooper is staying put in Dallas. That's good news for FC Dallas and MLS.

- Shaq versus Beckham? That would be interesting.

- Mexico has unveiled their roster for the August 12th WCQ in Azteca versus the US.

- I am heading out of town in the morning. So, I'm hoping for no weather delays that would mess up my DVRing the match!

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