WaitingDevo's Direct Kicks

Dan Williams was on Hot Talk 1280 with John DiTullio today and Devo breaks down what Mr. Williams talked about.

I truly hope that a deal gets done, the 2008 Rhinos season goes off without any major hitches, and we can move on.

And if Dan Williams walks away and the 2008 season doesn't happen, I shudder to think what the future of pro soccer is in the City of Rochester.

Along with what will happen with PAETEC Park.

But, as long as Dan Williams and the bank are talking, all we can really do is wait and hope.

The Pressbox Powertrip

Ryan skewers David Gantt and sticks up for Devo, so he's two for two on those topics, in my opinion.

The most ironic thing to me is that the Elmgrove site that the Rhinos wanted to build PAETEC Park at is also within Mr. Gantt's district, I believe. But, Mr. Gantt insisted that the stadium not just in his district, but within the City of Rochester.

News & Notes:

- Former Rhino left back John Wilson is back in the USL with the Charleston Battery.

- The Seattle Sounders have re-signed six players , including the likes of Taylor Graham, Roger Levesque, and Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar. The defending champs are certainly looking to leave the USL with a bang.

- Vancouver has re-signed Jason Jordan, Steve Kindel, and Lyle Martin.

- Mauricio Vincello is hanging up his boots. There is only one thing to say about that: WE HATE MONTREAL!

- If you want to work for the USL , they have a couple of new positions that they are looking to fill.

- It will be interesting to see if Scott Palguta travels with the Red Bulls when they head to Salzburg, Austria on Monday.

- If Chris Rolfe was pranking Luis Arroyave , that is funny.

- There are a couple of updates in the Houston Chronicle with regards to the stadium for the Dynamo. It seems weird to me that the City would offer up $15 million for five blocks of land before a stadium deal is locked up. But, maybe that's the way things work in Houston..........

- Could rats hold up the KC stadium? YIKES!

- Imagine that, the LA Galaxy are way over the salary cap. And apparently the salary cap is what has kept Luis Figo out of a Galaxy uniform.

- Ives Galarcep says that the Red Bulls shouldn't overpay for Wilman Conde who has told Chicago that he wants to be traded to NY. It seems to me like the Red Bulls are holding most of the cards.

- We are trying to get Dan Williams on Kick This! on Saturday. And given that he's talked to Sam this week and was on Hot Talk today, I would hope that the odds are good that he joins us as well.

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