If you DVR'd the Brazil-US Confederations Cup match, I'm going to list a boatload of pre-game and post-game articles.

So if you don't want to know what happened, then don't click any of the post-game links!


- AP via SI.com

- Yanks Abroad talks to Bob Bradley and JF Torres, and previews the match.

- FIFA.com has a piece on Landon Donovan saying that they need to beat Brazil.

- Grant Wahl has his pre-game blog posting at SI.com.

- No Short Corners also has a big list of pre-match articles.


- Grant Wahl has his post-game blog posting at SI.com.

- Steven Goff has his player ratings up.

- Here is SBI.net's Gameday post.

- Michael Lewis at Big Apple Soccer.com has his take up.

- No Short Corners had a live blog for the match.

News & Notes:

- Ricardo Clark will be available for the final US group stage match versus Egypt.

- Rossi-gate won't die with Reuters Soccer Blog, the San Diego Union-Tribune , the NY Daily News, The Kartik Report, and Advantage Played all talking about the US Soccer fan's response to Tuesday's game.  

- IF the Rhinos advance past Columbus in the 3rd round of the Open Cup , the Chicago Fire/Wilmington Hammerheads winner will come to MAS on July 7th for a Quartfinal match up.

- I <3 The Daily Show.

- Should Jermaine Jones start in Azteca? Why not?

- Another day, another player released by Toronto FC. I'd love to see Rohan Ricketts in the Rhinos midfield, but I can't see them paying the freight on that one.

- I'm with Devo. It's happened way too much to be an issue of luck.

- Kick This! will be expanding to two hours this week. And the noon hour will have a star studded lineup: Columbus Technical Director Brian Bliss, LA Sol and USWNT MF Shannon Boxx, and SI's Grant Wahl live from South Africa.

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