SII ran into a Rhinos player after work yesterday and I was speachless when he asked me what I thought of Saturday night's game.

It was hard for me to put into words because there things that I found entertaining, there were things that worried me, and I really wanted another win versus Montreal.

But I also realized that it was only one game out of thirty this season and the team needs to put that behind them and look forward to Minnesota and start the ball rolling with the big homestand through July and August coming up and the opening of the US Open Cup a week from tonight.

He also asked me a question that kind of worried me. He asked if the loss would hurt drawing fans moving forward.

What worried me is that I don't want my players thinking about that stuff on the field. For me, winning would cure all ills. Just focus on scoring goals and taking fewer cards and everything else will work out.

US versus Costa Rica tomorrow night

Here are a boatload of links ahead of tomorrow night's game in Costa Rica

- Maurice Edu and Frankie Hejduk are out. 

- Ricardo Clark is in for Edu.

- looks at DMB playing left back.

- Match Fit USA talks about the US taking the next step.

- The big topic of conversation so far is the turf at Saprissa Stadium with Steven Goff and Jack Bell blogging about it and the team practicing for it in Miami.

- I really thought we were past talking about nepotism with Michael Bradley?

News & Notes

- Great minds think alike.

- Another day, another couple people questioning the quality of officiating in MLS.

- Gooch is going to sue over alleged racist slurs.

- Apparently enough fans have complained about the language being used by supporters in Columbus that the club feels it needs to take action.

- Will Philadelphia have the most entertaining club in MLS next season? That seems to be a lofty goal for an expansion side.

- I had to laugh at this piece regarding Portland 2011.

- Is the future of MLS in Europe? I thought it was in Canada?

- The RailHawks are getting a new pitch.

- Mexico needs an MLS player to save them. Awesome!

- Someone would like to see the Red Bulls have more local players.

- Vancouver is hosting Toronto tonight in the 2009 Nutrilite Canadian Championship.

- If you were wondering why MLS isn't interested in Rochester, someone from this website believes that Rochester isn't Punk Rock enough for MLS.......  

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